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[예쁠제 어질인] Christmas tree with preserved flowers 본문

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[예쁠제 어질인] Christmas tree with preserved flowers

제인쨘 2020. 12. 23. 09:45

Hello Everyone✿

Jane Florist here for represents flower arts '◡'

Have you seen the tree has been designed preserved flowers?


Here it is. small tree designed with preserved flowers :-)

With light bulb, hydrangea, berries and etc. designed together with snow tree

It is expressed by adding gold and red, which are the colors that represent Christmas.

A design that can retain its beauty without turning on the light.

Hydrangeas, not white hydrangeas, represented a splendid but simple Christmas with white gold hydrangeas.

You can feel the white Christmas with fog similar to snow.

The Christmas tree is shipped in a pretty box.

How about putting a pretty tree on the desk?


You can find this product in etsy :)


Jane Florist Mini christmas tree with light Preserved | Etsy

Handmade by Jane Florist 💐 Korean Florist JHA member --------------------------------------- Jane made christmas edition which is small tree. Table christmas tree 🎄 Have a mood on table with this mini tree that is designed with preserved flowers 💕


Thanks for read my story💕

Jane Florist - 예쁠제 어질인

- Korean national license of florist

- JHA Japan Herbarium Association member

- Korea Floral Art Association member

- GN Perfumer Diploma 

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